Solojon Solojon 18 June 2020

Live stones album unofficial release 1970 has no label and just white cover listed in my collection on discogs but won't let me put it up for sale any one tell me what's up if anything with this LP

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Porterfield Porterfield 21 August 2012

50 Years of the Rolling Stones

This year marks the 50th anniversary of The Rolling Stones. Can you believe it? They've been together since 1962! That's much longer than most marriages last. Speaking of which, a 50th anniversary is the gold one, for those looking to send gifts to Keith or Mick, but with the amount of 'Stones records that have gone gold, I don't think they need anymore.

In honor of their 50 years together, I've decided to compile a nostalgic list of exactly 50 items: 10 albums , 10 songs , 10 lyrics , and 20 photos , in no particular order. All of them are intended to represent the best of The Rolling Stones, and even though a lot of that goodness was concentrated in the 1960's and 70's, this group deserves high acclaim to this day for being known as that o…

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