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Their Satanic Majesties Request
Their Satanic Majesties Request-cover art.jpg
Released December 8, 1967 (UK); December 9, 1967 (US)
Studio Olympic Studios-Studio A, London
Genre Psychedelic rock
Length 44:06
Label Decca Records
Producer Andrew Loog Oldham
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Their Satanic Majesties Request is the sixth British album released by The Rolling Stones, and it's US counterpart is consequently their eighth American studio album released. It was released in the UK on December 8, 1967 by Decca Records, and then the following day in US by Decca's American branch, London Records. The title is reportedly a play on words with the text that appears inside a British passport: "Her Britannic Majesty requests and requires..."

Track Listing[]

1. Sing This All Together - 3:46 - Lyrics
2. Citadel - 2:50 - Lyrics
3. In Another Land - 3:15 - Lyrics
4. 2000 Man- 3:07 - Lyrics

5. Sing This All Together (See What Happens) - 8:33 - Lyrics

5a. Cosmic Christmas - 0:35 (hidden track - run time for track 5 is normally listed as 8:33, the combined time of these two technically separate tracks)

6. She's a Rainbow - 4:35 - Lyrics

7. The Lantern - 4:24 - Lyrics

8. Gomper - 5:08 - Lyrics
9. 2000 Light Years from Home - 4:45 - Lyrics
10. On with the Show - 3:40 - Lyrics


Martin Scorsese considered using "The Lantern" for the dreamlike sex sequence in  Who't That Knocking at My Door, his debut as a director, before settling on "The End" by the Doors.