Undercover-cover art
Released November 7, 1983
Genre Hard rock, disco
Length 45:00
Label Rolling Stones, Atlantic
Producer The Glimmer Twins, Chris Kimsey
Album Guide
Tattoo You
Dirty Work

Undercover is the The Rolling Stones' 17th British and 19th American studio album respectively. Released in November 1983, Undercover was their first release of all new recordings in the 1980s, since Tattoo You was mostly patched together from a selection of outtakes. It was the band's attempt to re-invent themselves for the new so-called "MTV generation."

Track ListingEdit

  1. Undercover Of The Night - Lyrics
  2. She Was Hot - Lyrics
  3. Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love) - Lyrics
  4. Wanna Hold You - Lyrics
  5. Feel On Baby - Lyrics
  6. Too Much Blood - Lyrics
  7. Pretty Beat Up - Lyrics
  8. Too Tough - Lyrics
  9. All The Way Down - Lyrics
  10. It Must Be Hell - Lyrics
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